Download Twitter Lite [Shortened Version for Android]

In September 2017, Twitter made its new application available to its users in the Google Play store.

This application is the Lite version of  Twitter, which is a reduced version of the application that allows you to save data because it requires less amount of data.

It also allows you to keep more memory for storage because it takes up less storage space.


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What exactly is Twitter Lite?

Twitter Lite uses the same user interface that handles the larger version of the Twitter app, but with smaller features.


Some of the reductions for Twitter Lite are:

  • Elimination of the GIFs search engine.
  • Inability to share location.
  • You will not be able to edit the photos, nor include stickers in the tuits.

Twitter Lite only contains the essential functions of the original Twitter application.

In terms of storage capacity, Twitter Lite takes up at least 50 times less storage than the original application.

Your data saver avoids consumption of download data because it eliminates the automatic downloading of photos, GIFs and videos. The downloading or not of these elements, will depend exclusively on the will of each user.

The Twitter Lite app for Android is very light and fast. It is also very practical because it just opens our chronology of the tweets.

It is also very functional in low range devices and networks characterized by being slow.

How to download Twitter Lite?

Although it was initially available in Finland in September to be extended to the area of origin as it was initially with Facebook Lite, it is now available for more countries.

This application is suitable for Android 5.0 or higher devices. It can be downloaded and installed manually through the Goolge Play Store.

Here’s the download link to Google Play Store:

Download Twitter Lite for Android [2018]

Bonus: We don’t want to leave without leaving you a short video where you will be able to see better how Twitter Lite works and what advantages it has.

Video – Twitter Lite (Mobile Web App) SAVE UP TO 70% of DATA!


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