How to Download Twitter Videos?

The main objective of social networks such as facebook, Twitter and Instagram is to share all kinds of multimedia files, mainly photos, videos, music and recently, gifs.

In most cases, when we are spending time on social networks we find this type of content, especially videos, which we like very much and so we want to share them with our contacts in other networks.

Downloading videos, being a somewhat heavier file, is not possible in some social accounts. Being one of the most complicated ways to do it, downloading a video on Twitter via mobile phone.


However, in most cases it can be done with some very simple tricks. Here is a short guide to downloading videos from Twitter.

How to download videos from Twitter?

Not all smartphone operating systems work the same way. That’s why, we’ll explain the main ways for both Android operating systems and devices with iOS system.


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For the latter system, iOS, it becomes a bit more complicated by some restrictions, but it is not something that can happen to the elderly.

Download a Twitter video with Android system

In the case of Android, the first step is to go to the previously installed Twitter app.

Next, you must search for the video you want to download, and then click on the tab above (where the author name is displayed). Once opened, select where it says “Copy Tweet Link”.

You must then open your mobile browser to search for the TWDown page (go here). This is a very easy to use page for downloading files without any risk.

There you will see a bar where you can place the selected link, put the copied link and then click on the download tab.

This process does not take long, it takes just a few minutes and even seconds depending on the mobile phone speed. After that, the download option will appear, you must click and it will only be a matter of waiting.

The video is automatically downloaded to your phone’s download folder. You can use it to send from any social networking and messaging application.

Download Twitter video with iOS system

Now, for iPhone phones with iOS operating system is very similar, just change a few steps that we will explain below.

For this process, we recommend using a file download application called MyMedia File Manager (go here), which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. In this case, the download is executed first and then transferred to the mobile phone files.


After downloading the application, we enter directly and we will be able to see a globe icon. We click on it and the browser will open instantly.

In the search engine we will go to the TWDown download page, so that we can safely download the video. Being located there, we perform the same procedure.

We must already have located the link to the link of the Twitter video. This is at the top left of the tweet, where it says “share tweet” and then “Copy tweet link”.

Once placed the link, we will see that the download is done automatically. Click on the “Download the file” button.

This option will take the video to the MyMedia file application folder, to move it to our mobile phone directly, you must enter this download folder and click on it and select “Save to Camera Roll”, it will automatically be saved to our iPhone smartphone.

So far we’ve come this far; now you know how to download a Twitter video, both from Android phones and iOS smartphones.

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