How to Upload a Video to Twitter from the PC?

Some time ago, when Twitter updated its applications, it allowed the option of recording videos and uploading them from the same app. The only point against that function was that the video could not exceed 30 seconds.

But this was not a big disadvantage either, and users generally preferred short videos. When a video exceeds the minute, it is difficult to keep the user’s attention captured.

But this changed a long time ago, nowadays Twitter allows you to upload videos with a maximum duration of 140 seconds, or what is the same thing, 2 minutes and 20 seconds.


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How to upload a video to Twitter? Steps to follow

Here are some simple steps to learn how to easily upload a video to Twitter from your PC.


  1. Enter the window of your panel, and see as if you were going to write a tweet (tuit).
  2. Press the image icon. (If you hover your mouse over it,«Add photos or video»).add-phots-or-video-twitter
  3. Choose the video you want to upload from your PC or computer and open it.
  4. When you upload the video, you can crop it, i. e. upload the entire video (max. 140 sec.), or just a part of it.
  5. Select how long you want the video to last (remember, maximum 140 seconds), and then hit the button that says «Done».trim-video-twitter-for-upload
  6. Now, if you’ve already written your tweet or tweet, just press the «Tweet» button.

And that’s it, you don’t need to do anything else! Did you think it was more complicated?

With these simple steps you already know how to upload videos to Twitter from a computer in an easy and, above all, fast way.

Let’s practice!

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