Microblogging… You Don’t Know it Yet?

Internet has become the largest space available for interactive communication, providing people with a large number of tools for this purpose, one of them is microblogging, which with its broad growth has become a new form of communication.

Its most outstanding feature is the combination of tools it includes, as you can think of it as a mix of forums, blog, chat and Messenger status, which allows in just 280 characters you can interact with users around the globe through tweets and private messages and expose what you want or need.

Using this tool you can advertise any activity or event, network, communicate with friends, loved ones and contacts, speak up about any topic, seek employment or meet people.


There are no limits to the communication with this system, with its 280 fully drinkable characters that can be used from a wide variety of media such as mobiles, websites, programs and applications…

The magic of microblogging

Microblogging perfectly synthesizes all 280 characters so that its users can make communication more agile and versatile.


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The magic of this tool is that it can be used to convey what you want by facilitating reading and communication, something that has constantly evolved in various services that are based on the synthesis of content such as information pills or summaries of books or specialized articles, which have a great growth due to lack of time.

However, it has its own disadvantages, one of which is that some people do not understand its real function and usefulness. The other, its addictiveness, since it is possible to spend a large part of the time using this tool for trivial things, which reduces the advantages of synthesis and saving time in communication.

An open system

The great success that Twitter has had has allowed the creation and implementation of different microblogging systems, which thanks to their growing popularity are laying the groundwork for developing a standard and open system, allowing a more versatile communication that does not depend on people being included in the same system of this type.

If achieved, it would become a comprehensive Internet service such as the Web, email, FTP, and P2P, among many others.

This is favoured by the appearance of new systems that integrate photographs, images, audio and multimedia content into their content; this has prompted social networks such as Facebook to renew their design to achieve a greater conjunction between social networks and microblogging.

Currently, Twitter is still consolidated as the reference system in the world of microblogging, yet there is a diversity of such systems that are becoming increasingly relevant on the Internet, and that in the near future could become a new reference, especially if the trend towards integrating microblogging systems is consolidated.



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