Twitter vs Instagram: Two Great Social Networks


In the modern world, the use of applications and social networks is the trend for the development of human relationships. It is coming to be applied in such a broad sense that they have even been integrated as something fundamental and of daily use in the life of today’s human being. In this context, Twitter … Leer más

Emoticons for Twitter [List of Emojis to Copy and Paste]


Expressing emotions with words is not easy, so social networks have created a set of symbols that allow users of networks to communicate what feels or thinks about a certain situation. These symbols are called emoticons or emojis and are used almost identically on both Twitter and Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. The permanence, evolution and … Leer más

Emoticones para Twitter [Lista de Emojis para Copiar y Pegar]


Expresar emociones con palabras no es nada fácil, por ello las redes sociales han creado un conjunto de símbolos que permiten comunicar a los usuarios de las redes lo que se siente o piensa en torno a una determinada situación. Estos símbolos son llamados emoticonos o emojis y se emplean de manera casi idéntica tanto … Leer más

The Best Phrases and States for Twitter


Twitter is a versatile social network, which allows you to communicate and express what you feel in 280 characters, which although they seem few (previously there were 140), is more than enough to express an original idea about your feelings and thoughts to your followers. On Twitter you can express any idea, from a loving … Leer más