The Best Phrases and States for Twitter

Twitter is a versatile social network, which allows you to communicate and express what you feel in 280 characters, which although they seem few (previously there were 140), is more than enough to express an original idea about your feelings and thoughts to your followers.

On Twitter you can express any idea, from a loving expression to a funny phrase.

If you have trouble expressing your ideas, or don’t find the right words to impress your followers, don’t worry; here’s a list of Twitter phrases that you can use to tweet on this great social network.


There are different phrases and states with different motifs, which you should read to find the one that best suits what you want to express.

The best phrases for Twitter

First, we present you with more than 20 beautiful phrases or ideas, which can be adapted to an occasion in which you want to show in a simple way an idea that makes life happy for one of your followers, or make it reflect on the simplicity of everyday life and the happiness that is hidden in this one.


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Here we go!

  • To forgive is to return to the past and to return unharmed.
  • Tears are the pain that words cannot explain.
  • Success comes to those who are willing to work harder than the rest.
  • Push your limits, experience life, conquer your fears, in other words, trust you.
  • Wise is he who leaves smiles, where a fool would leave tears.
  • If I have to choose, I’ll keep the sanity that endures my madness.
  • Love is the victory of the heart over intelligence.
  • Value and take care of what you have, or try not to cry when you lose it.
  • Today the music speaks for me, because I wouldn’t know how to explain my feelings.
  • When I was a kid, I hated being alone at home, now I don’t understand how it could be.
  • Until you know me, don’t judge me, and until we talk, don’t talk about me.
  • I miss those little details that brought me such big smiles.
  • There are 2 types of people, those who waste your time, and others who make you lose track of time.
  • If someone envies you, you’re probably doing the right thing.
  • Typical: You go out two days in a row and for your mom «you live on the street».
  • God invented Wi-Fi, but the devil invented passwords.
  • Be careful with those who know how to write, because they have the power to fall in love without even touching you.
  • Sentimental situation: Fattening, preparing to hibernate.
  • Never make fun of anyone, life is very wise and will put you in your place.
  • When we strive to improve who we are, everything around us becomes better.
  • Sometimes it takes patience to find true happiness. It won’t be quick, it won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it.
  • Everyone sees what you look like, but few see what you really are.
  • A person who is strong, even with tears in his eyes… manages and is able to say with a smile: I’m fine.
  • Life is short, breaks rules, forgives quickly, truly loves, laughs uncontrollably and never, never, never, never, never stop smiling.

Short Twitter states

Occasionally, what you’ll want most is to highlight a quick idea that allows you to add some hashtag or emoticon that complements what you want to express to your followers.

So here we bring you short phrases for Twitter, quite specific, some romantic, others a little sarcastic, but with them you will have plenty of characters to add what you want, and attract the retweet of your followers.

  • You won’t always win, but you’ll always learn.
  • I’ll speak beautifully, tell her you don’t know her.
  • I can’t promise you the best in life, but the best in me.
  • Avoided madness, good memory lost.
  • If madness comes to you, let not sanity deprive you of it.
  • My sarcasm and I wish you a happy day.
  • Losing a battle, but not forgetting to win the war.
  • You I love you and I love you, they were the most beautiful coincidence.
  • Call me selfish, but just call me.
  • I fall in love quickly, but I forget too slowly.
  • Reading this could let you know you have a lot of free time.
  • Waiting for something that I am sure will not arrive…
  • I’d rather overcome failures than celebrate victories.
  • Whoever loves you, could wait for you, whoever despairs, could love you.
  • Upgrading Windows, see you in another lifetime.

Love and romantic phrases for Twitter

Love, one of the main motives for expression on Twitter and something that I’m sure you’re interested in too. Love is something that should be shared with everyone once it comes into your life, and more than anything else, it should be shared with the person chosen for your love.

And if it hasn’t arrived in your life yet, don’t worry, because at the best possible time, that special person will surely arrive in your life.

If you are looking to express your romantic thoughts and don’t find the right 280 characters, we give you this list of selected romantic phrases for Twitter, so you can choose the one that best suits you and tweets especially for all your followers.

  • Love without a kiss is like pizza without cheese.
  • Next to you I don’t need sleep to dream.
  • And when I least expected it, everything works out.
  • Love what you have even if you don’t have what you want.
  • A perfect day begins at your side.
  • Love is to keep falling in love in spite of the fights and arguments, and to fight so that they can improve them.
  • When you’re going to hurt my heart, remember that you’re in it.
  • When you carry the sun inside it doesn’t matter if it rains outside.
  • I don’t know if I like you, love you or need you, all I know is that I love the feeling I get when I’m with you.
  • Even though we know that it is not good to expect much from others, we are still waiting.
  • The perfect boyfriend values you while he has you, the common boyfriend values you after he lost you.The biggest mistake is to want to remove from the head what cannot be erased from the heart.
  • As long as you do not understand a woman’s silence, you will not be prepared to understand her words.

We hope that these more than 50 phrases and states for Twitter have been to your liking, and that you do not hesitate to use them in your profile.

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Do you know any other phrases to upload to our Twitter account? Take advantage of just below and leave us a comment with those that you like or use the most.

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