Twitter Plugin for WordPress [Official]

As it is well known, the social network Twitter is an important tool necessary for the dissemination of information in a fast and concise way, serving blogs as a support to disseminate its contents among a wide audience in an interactive way.

Currently, an official plugin of this social network has been enabled for WordPress, one of the most important platforms for Blogging, perhaps the most dominant in these days.

With this Twitter plugin for WordPress, available in the WordPress repository (download here), you will have a perfect connection to the platform in real time, avoiding all those problems such as the error of empty widget, which afflicted many users who used unofficial widget tools provided by third parties.


What does the Twitter plugin for WordPress offer us?

This new plugin offers several benefits to users, including the following:

  • Tweets embedded in the extension, allowing the customization of background color, to be in tune with the theme of a site or blog.
  • twitter-plugin-options

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  • Embedded Twitter videos.
  • Access to the «share» button, to share content directly.
  • Official Twitter cards, which allow you to view the relevant content of your site on the user’s particular Twitter page.
  • Twitter Analitycs, a direct extension that allows you to view statistics on the most shared content of a blog on Twitter.
  • Option to «follow» for readers, in order to increase the number of Twitter followers.
  • Track the conversion of ads on Twitter, in order to easily track the impact of blog content advertised via Twitter, or create an audience from them.
  • The plugin is integrated into the input editor, offering the ability to customize with hashtags or complementary content when sharing the publication, which is very useful to get more audience.

This Twitter plugin offers many facilities, however, it has a primary requirement for the plugin to perform its functions, this is PHP 5.4 or higher enabled previously on your server.

Without this program, the plugin can be enabled but has no functionality, since the widget is not activated and its configuration page is not available. The only way to detect this error is to have previously activated the WP_debug, something that most people don’t do.


Once PHP 5.4 or higher is installed, the widget will start its functions on a regular basis, so that it will have its configuration and adaptation to customize it according to your taste.

Finally, it is worth mentioning the new resource known as «Input Editor», which is a very enjoyable and functional tool for community managers.

They will have the ability to customize and manipulate the dissemination of their content on Twitter, as accurately as possible through the inclusion of dehashtags (labels), or custom Twitter cards.


Bonus: We don’t want to leave without leaving you with a video where you can see the installation and configuration of the official Twitter plugin for WordPress. It’s very simple!

Video – How to install the official Twitter WordPress plugin


What did you think of this WordPress plugin for Twitter? Did you know him or have you tried it? You know, any questions or queries you may have can be left in the comments section right down here.

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